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Turn Three

September 12, 2013
Turn Three by johnchamilton
Turn Three, a photo by johnchamilton on Flickr.

The last turn before the finish line. Barrel racing action from the 2013 Sutton Rodeo, Northfield, MN.


Objects May Be Closer

September 10, 2013
Objects May Be Closer by johnchamilton
Objects May Be Closer, a photo by johnchamilton on Flickr.

Bull-riding mayhem from the 2013 Sutton Rodeo, Northfield, MN. Never fear, a bullfighter saved the day at the last moment and the cowboy escaped.


September 7, 2013
Takedown by johnchamilton
Takedown, a photo by johnchamilton on Flickr.

Kyle Whitaker showing a bovine who’s boss. Steer wrestling action at the 2013 Sutton Rodeo, Northfield, MN.

Self-Publishing Analog

September 3, 2013

25 steps to becoming a Self-Published Author. More humorous wisdom from Chuck Wendig.

Before the Fall

August 31, 2013
Before the Fall by johnchamilton
Before the Fall, a photo by johnchamilton on Flickr.

Bull riding action from the 2013 Hamel Rodeo in Corcoran, MN. My other favorite rodeo is coming up next weekend in Northfield. Can’t wait!


August 12, 2013
Delicate by johnchamilton
Delicate, a photo by johnchamilton on Flickr.

My friends are rocking the black-and-white landscapes lately, which inspired me to tackle this shot. It’s from a visit to Utah’s Arches National Park. That’s Delicate Arch, the one you see on Utah license plates.

Five-Star Amazon Review for Isle Royale

August 7, 2013

9780982845929For a writer, this is the kind of review that makes it all worthwhile. Writers by nature are insecure beasts. A review like this gives me fuel to keep on truck’n. Thank you, kind reader!

I grew up in Michigan and always was fascinated by Isle Royale, though I never got there. With this gripping tale I felt like I was in a lighthouse in raging storms, and I was witness to the raging storms of relationships as well. This author tells a great story and pulls the reader into it. I read it during hot Midwestern summer weather but felt like I was shivering in the icy waters of Lake Superior in late fall and winter. A fun read and I’m sure I’ll read it over again. That for me is the mark of a good book.

Isle Royale – A Great Lakes young adult historical thriller

Shipwrecks, gangsters, and the mother of all storms. Living in a lighthouse can be murder.

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