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Night Touch

Christopher Price roams the dark streets of Manhattan, terrified of his past, searching for a future. Dr. Willard Pull: dentist and concerned citizen. Blood lust sends them on a head-on collision. One of them is a serial killer. The other is a vampire.

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Christopher Price’s dream is to shed his ancient curse. To disguise his true nature, Price has his canines filed down regularly by Dr. Willard Pull. Unfortunately for his patients, Dr. Pull is also a mass murderer. When one of his grisly crimes is uncovered, he decides in desperation to pin the blame on Price.
Meanwhile, Price has fallen in love with Rachel, a beautiful and dangerous coworker at his security firm. But her father is an excommunicated priest who recognizes Price as an undead abomination.
Alone and frightened with the whole world seemingly out to kill him, Price must piece together this twisted puzzle and clear his name. His adventure takes him from the bleak streets of New York to the labyrinthine horrors of Citadel Poienari in Romania, home of Vlad the Impaler, the real Count Dracula. Here Price must confront his dark heritage and embrace its evil ways in order to save his soul and the woman he loves.
* * * * * * * * * * * reviews:

A Great Read! *****

“With all the sparkly, teenage vampire romance movies these days, it’s nice to read a novel that gets back to a vampire’s roots: deep, dark, and gothic. Christopher Price, the hero of the book, has to overcome a dark past, an uncertain future, and a really colorful enemy in order to live out his life in peace. It’s non-stop action, and layered with themes of redemption and sacrifice. It’s a great read.”

Cinematic Horror ****

“No sparkly vampires here! Hamilton’s tale is chock-full of action, with a very cinematic feel. At times I could almost see scenes unspooling on a big screen. Not wanting to create any spoilers, I found the segments in Wallachia to be some of the most fascinating.”

A Biting Read *****

“Action adventure? Check. Dark and tortured love story? Check. Vampire blood meals? Blood dripping in abundance. Plot twists “Pull” the reader’s attention deeper into the book. This book will make your next trip to the dentist much more traumatic than would normally be the case. Highly recommended.”

Vampire Fiction Done Right! *****

“John Hamilton has crafted a fast paced action/adventure/horror novel with characters that you actually care about. Price and his supporting players leap off the page, and draw you into their struggle. The action whirls around these people and you are swept up in the twisting plot with them. In a unique variation of the traditional vampire theme, Price is at odds with his vampire nature, and longs to redeem his soul. Not in a whiney-teen-angst-vampire way, but in an actual commitment to redemption and sacrifice. Night Touch is a very enjoyable read, and the gripping story kept the pages turning.”



Night Touch for Amazon Kindle–click to order

Now also available in paperback!

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