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January 4, 2012
Head-On by johnchamilton
Head-On, a photo by johnchamilton on Flickr.

I originally thought this would be a good frame to extract and make a black-background arty treatment, but I liked the background characters so much I just had to leave them in. Plus I like the imbalance, placing the horse and rider on the right. There’s a lot for the eye to take in here.

The horse’s head dipped into shadow, making it too dark. To bring it back, I duplicated the background layer, screen blend mode, and added a black mask. Used a white, soft-edged brush at about 15-percent opacity and painted over the area on the mask until the horse head was bright enough to draw attention without being too obtrusive.

Action from the 2011 Hamel Rodeo, in Corcoran, MN.

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