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Stirrup Trouble

July 6, 2011
Stirrup Trouble by johnchamilton
Stirrup Trouble, a photo by johnchamilton on Flickr.

This steer wrestler had a bit of trouble on the dismount. Despite how horrifying this frame appears, the cowboy immediately bounced back up. Perhaps only his ego was bruised. Action from the 2011 Buffalo Championship Rodeo, in Buffalo, MN.

I kind of like the slurpy photojournalistic look of this frame. The light level was sinking fast, and I thought at first the motion blur ruined the photo. But the more I look at it, the more I like it. Let’s just call it a happy accident.

Shortly after I posted this, I received the following comment: “Indeed his boot was stuck in the stirrup..not something you want to have happen, but NEVER in a bulldogging run!! He was fine afterwards and true to form of the creed of the “linebackers ” of the rodeo, he brushed it off and we headed down the road to another. I can answer you honestly because that is our team of horses and that is my hubby “buying land”…

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